Who We Are

We Are

  • A Company that provides business opportunities for people with a passion for success and excellence;
  • A Company that creates and innovates, offering essential products that are hard to live without;
  • A Company that maximizes the potentials of Filipino creativity and ingenuity through the products we offer.

Strong Little Fiery One

This is what Fiametta means. And this is who we are.

Our Mission

  • We will build a diverse portfolio of high-quality products and services that are creative and innovative, useful to the daily lives of every Filipino;
  • We will consistently deliver service and operational excellence to meet our customers’ expectations;
  • We will build shareholder value by delivering products and services in a creative, innovative and cost effective way;
  • We will continuously build the talents of our human resources, being the key drivers moving the company to success;
  • We are committed to participating and contributing to programs on environmental protection, social and community development projects.


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