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Quench Scents
Female Body Mist

Quench your senses with these scents inspired by deliciously concocted drinks. A fusion of fruity scents that will leave you feeling refreshed and revived.

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Mood Swings
Mini Perfume Set

Define your mood with our mini-perfume sets. Each set comes with 4 uniquely formulated scents. Try a different one each day & let your scent follow your mood!

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Signature Scents
Male EDP | Female EDP | Female Body Mist

Signature Scents for Men. An elite collection of perfumeries precisely blended to compliment the masculine body chemistry. Each scent is cleverly named MAN from different origins. Each scent is unique. Each scent evokes the MAN every woman wants!

Signature Scents for Women. A line of fragrances that exudes the essence of the modern woman. Every scent brings out the true beauty & style of the feminine soul. No matter who she is or where she is from, each woman has it in her to conquer the world!

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Male EDP | Female EDP

Scentropolis brings scents that keep up with the up & about, fast-paced lives of the active Man & Woman of the Metropolis. The scents are strong but not over-powering, unique but not in your face, subtle but lingering.

Edge Logo

Male EDP

A whiff of adventure, it evokes the spirit of a man living on the edge.

Exude Logo

Male EDP

Exudes the hidden potential in every man with a strong charismatic scent.

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I Love Pink
Female EDP

Paints your aura a rich and vivid fragrance accentuating femininity and style.

Flaunt Logo

Female EDP

Surrounds you with an ambient grandeur of class and uniqueness worth flaunting.

Miss Misty Logo

Miss Misty
Female EDP

A dazzling mist of fragrance, like a riddle that tickles anyone’s curiosity.

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Just A Dream
Female EDP

A stylish scent that entrances you to a state of wonder almost surreal.

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